Moss is very invasive in the the Pacific Northwest!  It can grow in lawns and even on other hard surfaces. Whereas weeds thrive in sunlit areas of your lawn, moss thrives in shady areas that aren’t in direct sunlight. Moss can flourish for many reasons including:

  • Improper soil PH
  • Poor lawn drainage
  • Soil compaction
  • Poor ground fertility
  • Improper mowing practices

Call today to schedule a lawn consultation, and we will test the PH of the soil on site at no extra charge!  We are able to recommend a custom made course of action that fixes the PH of your soil, along with fixing the other issues causing moss in the lawn including but not limited to:

  • Consistent mowing and height of cut
  • Lawn aeration on a bi-annual or annual basis
  • A consistent fertilization and weed control program
  • Liming
  • Iron application (for a moss die back)
  • Thatching
  • Slicer seeding

Whatcom Lawns offers all of these services listed above.  We  can give you a great looking lawn once again! 

Why You Should Choose Us

Whatcom Lawns, located in Bellingham WA, has been offering the residents of Bellingham, and other parts of Whatcom County, excellent lawn service for nearly two years! We are professionals with the experience and tools to tackle any job, no matter how tough! We won’t leave you with rust residue all over your lawn when we apply our moss treatments, but will leave you with only the smell of grass – nothing more! Our customers have recommended us to others, and trusted for over a decade, because they know that we work in a timely and efficient manner. There is no job too hard for us, only challenges that we will overcome. Contact us today and learn why our customer base in Bellingham, and other parts of Whatcom County, continue to grow month after month!