Whatcom Lawns has helped Bellingham residents to make their lawns beautiful, and we can do the same for you! We will make it easy for you and save you the effort of pushing a mower around the property.  Our mow crews do the following:

  • Mow the lawn with precision machines
    • Striping patterns are used
    • A different direction of stripes is used weekly to prevent rutting the lawn
  • Line trim the areas that the mow could not reach
  • Vertically edge the beds and the sidewalks
  • Clean up, haul away and dispose of clippings
  • Clean off all pavement

We will give you a great-looking lawn, consistently, week after week.

Bellingham Lawn MowingMulching vs. Bagging

When we mow your lawn, there are two ways that we can dispose of the grass clippings: mulching and bagging. We determine which method to use based on weather conditions, lawn condition, and customer preference. Mulching is beneficial for the lawn, and allows us to recycle the grass on-site. We will not leave clumps of mulch all over your lawn when we are done, but will ensure that it is evenly layered. When we bag the clippings, it is important that the lawn must be fertilized well and often, in order for it to stay green. When we are finished, we will haul away the clippings to a recycling facility to be turned into usable compost, and leave you with a mess-free lawn!

Whatcom Lawns – Experienced & Professional Lawn Mowing Service

Whatcom Lawns, based out of Bellingham WA, has given excellent service to Bellingham, and the rest of Whatcom County, for over a decade! Our customers have realized that, when they hire us, they will receive lawn services of the highest quality available! We are professionals with nearly two decades of experience, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our lawn services. Our goal is to exceed your expectations in excellent service, and make your lawn the envy of your neighbors. Our customer base includes residents from all over Whatcom County, especially Bellingham, and we have developed an untarnished reputation among them for offering high-quality lawn services at affordable prices. Contact us today to learn why Bellingham residents – along with our customers from all over Whatcom County – have made us their first choice for superior lawn service!