Dethatching is the process of removing thatch from your lawn. Thatch is a layer of dead or dying grass and other materials that can accumulates on the soil beneath a lawn. A thin layer of thatch (about a half-inch) is beneficial to your lawn, providing insulation for your lawn against temperature fluctuations, and also increasing your lawn’s resiliency. However, when thatch becomes really thick, it can hinder your lawn from having that full, green look that we all want to have in our lawns. When thatch becomes excessively thick, it can hurt your lawn in a number of ways.

Why You Should Want Your Lawn Dethatched:

  • Thatch can cause harm to your grass, decreasing its beauty and health
  • Roots below it are left vulnerable to desiccation (drying out)
  • Wet thatch retains water and blocks the oxygen flow to the grass’ roots
  • Thick thatch can also decrease your lawns beauty because, as your lawn is mowed, the mower’s wheels sink into the thatch and cause the height of the cut to drop sharply
  • A thick layer of thatch is also the perfect place for disease-causing organisms and insects to live and cause damage to your lawn

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