The PH of your soil may just be why grass will not grow. Whatcom Lawns offers free onsite soil PH testing for your lawn.  Call today for an appointment!  If further tests for your soil are required, we can arrange that for you as well.  Once the PH is determined, steps can be taken to fix the PH of your soil.  This could involve lime, aeration, thatching and/or slicer seeding.

Slicer seeding is a method of seeding that uses a machine that cuts grooves into the soil and drops seed right into the grooves. Grooves are cut in two directions to get a full lawn look.  This can be done right over your lawn or bare soil.  It is very important for seed to be in the soil and to stay moist.  Once those components are in place, germination happens (as long as the PH in the soil is good).  Frequent watering is required for germination.

Whatcom Lawns Slicer Seeding

Call today to schedule a consultation.  Upon examination of the lawn areas, we also may first recommend a thatching and aeration service in order to get the seed in better contact with the soil.