Diseased Lawn

Lawn in foreground in trouble. Lawn behind properly treated by Whatcom Lawns.

Every one knows that diseases are bad. We have learned to recognize their symptoms so we can readily treat the disease when we contract it.  And yes, diseases can also afflict trees, shrubs, and lawns.  Whatcom Lawns can help you identify the symptoms of the most common diseases here in Washington.  We study the diseases that affect trees, shrubs and lawns, we are certified to treat them, and we treat them with a high standard of professionalism.  When we encounter a less common disease in trees, shrubs and lawns, we also have access to professionals who can identify the disease, as well as recommend a remedy.

Common Washington Diseases & Pests

Armillaria root rot – reduces the integrity of trees, increasing the chances of its branches or trunk falling
Signs of this disease

  • White, fan-shaped spots on the inside of the bark
  • White spongy decay
  • Black lines – usually serve to separate the healthy wood from the infected wood, – — Mushrooms – located at the base of the tree
  • Resin – an abnormal amount of resin

Annosus root rot – destroys a tree’s root system, decreasing the stability and integrity of the tree
Signs of this disease:

  • Yellow-brown or pinkish stain – this usually appears on the bark in the beginning stages
  • White, stringy (or spongy) decay – this doesn’t appear until the more advanced stages
  • Fruiting bodies – these appear on the underside of infected roots and inside of the tree’s stump.

Apple Maggot – this insect attacks the fruit of fruit-bearing trees, making it brown, mushy, and inedible. Usual targets are apples, crabapples, cherries, pears, plums, and apricots.

Gypsy Moth – this insect prefers hardwood trees and will defoliate (destroy the leaves) them by feeding on the leaves.

Red Thread – Identifiable in lawn areas as a pink growing fungus

Snow mold – Dead circular areas in the lawn, usually in colder season

Rust Disease – Orange colored fungus growing on the blades of grass

Though these aren’t all of the pests or diseases that you may encounter, these are the most common ones that you will see here in Bellingham and other parts of Washington. Whatcom Lawns is fully capable of eliminating these nuisances from your yard, or cleaning up the damage that has occurred.


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