Are you noticing unusual spots on your tree’s leaves? If you are, it may be because your tree is diseased or infested with pesky insects. Disease and insects can cause many consequences for your tree:

  • Decreased fruit yield
  • Discoloration of leaves
  • Loss of natural beauty
  • Deterioration

Whatcom Lawns will stop your trees from being destroyed by disease and annoying pests! As professionals, we understand that tree spraying is a form of care for your trees, and we will treat your trees with respect. Here in Bellingham and the rest of Whatcom County, it is easy to notice the majestic beauty of trees. At Whatcom Lawns, we appreciate trees and their beauty, and will do our best to preserve your trees’ health and beauty.

Whatcom Lawns Will Care For Your Trees

We have been serving Whatcom County, especially Bellingham, for about a decade. We get our work in a timely manner, but don’t sacrifice quality for speed. The residents of Bellingham, along with those of Whatcom County, have chosen us for over a decade because we are committed to preserving your tree’s longevity and innate beauty. Our customers have realized that hiring us means excellent and efficient service! Contact us to learn why our customers in Bellingham and all of Whatcom County have chosen for over a decade!