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Lawn Moss Control

Moss can be a real challenge in the Northwest. It can grow on anything where it is compact, wet and shady. Which means moss loves Bellingham weather and your lawn.

For initial moss control, Whatcom Lawns applies a granular iron product. As the iron penetrates the soil, the moss will turn black. After this application, consistent lawn mowing, watering, fertilizing, and aerating will minimize the amount of moss in the lawn. (We take care to power blow all residual iron kernels off all cement surfaces to prevent rust stains.)

Encouraging a full crop of grass is the best way to prevent and remove moss from your lawn. It is also the most desirable form of moss control. Often moss forms because the soil is compacted. Moss can and does grows on cement, so it is not surprising that it thrives on compacted soil. Alternatively, grass grows very poorly in compacted soil.

So, how do you encourage grass growth? Consistency in maintenance; something we can help you with!

*Aerating your lawn will loosen the soil, allowing needed oxygen, water and fertilizer to penetrate. The result? A fuller, thicker crop of grass ready to keep moss at bay.