Watering your yard is a great way to ensure that you have a green, lush, and healthy yard. When watering is done by hand, much of the water is being lost in runoff and evaporation. By hiring Whatcom Lawns to install an irrigation system, you will save time, money, and water – and still enjoy a great-looking lawn! An irrigation system can be set to automatically and routinely water your yard with no work being done on your part. Also, you can customize the system to be set for whatever times are suitable for your needs and climate. There is also the added benefit of saving water, due to the fact that irrigation systems use little water consistently over long periods of time, versus the irregular soaking caused by other methods of watering your yard.

Irrigation System Installation

When Whatcom Lawns installs an irrigation system, we perform a complete check of every component of the system, ensuring that it reflects our excellent quality standards. We check for any problems or complications, including any current or future sprinkler system leaks or problems and irrigation zone functionality. We also ensure that the optimal coverage and adjustments are programmed into the system, if necessary or requested by our client.

Irrigation System Repair & Maintenance

Whatcom Lawns is qualified to repair irrigation systems and irrigation expansion projects. Our irrigation professionals have been in the landscaping industry for decades, and are able to solve most irrigation issues. We ensure that we always have plenty of sprinkler parts, pipe, tubing, and tools on-hand so we can resolve your problems on the spot.

Irrigation System Spring start up and Winterization

Winter season poses a serious hazard to irrigation systems if they aren’t winterized, and hiring Whatcom Lawns to winterize your system will save you lots of money in repairs.  And it’s a great idea to have the irrigation system started up again in the Spring to make sure all is in great working order before the dry season arrives. Our irrigation professions provide the following services:

Spring irrigation start up:

  • Turn on the system
  • Check for proper irrigation coverage and make adjustments as necessary
  • Check the clock for schedule and adjust it as necessary
  • Perform all necessary repairs while on site

Winterization of irrigation system:

  • Shut off the main line
  • Hook up air to the air attachment in the system
  • Blow air through all the zones
  • Check for any problem
  • Perform all necessary repairs while on site

Why You Should Choose Us

Whatcom Lawns, located in Bellingham WA, has offered their excellent landscaping services to Bellingham and the rest of Whatcom County for nearly twenty years. We have a great passion for helping homeowners to unlock the beauty of their yards, and enjoy every minute that we work toward that goal! We have an established reputation for providing excellent landscaping services, and our Bellingham customers have realized that hiring us means hiring the best available! Our team of fully insured and experienced workers will get the job done in a timely manner and for an affordable price! Contact us today at our Bellingham office to learn why the residents of Bellingham and Whatcom County have loved us for nearly two decades!