Whatcom Lawns offers Healthy Lawn Packages; ongoing treatments to keep your lawn looking great.  We create a custom combination of the following services, based completely on the needs of your lawn. Call or request a quote today to schedule a consultation at no charge to receive your health lawn package proposal!

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is the process of mechanically pulling plugs of soil from your lawn. The plugs are deposited on top of the lawn during this process, which break down and help decompose existing thatch in the lawn. The purpose of aeration is to

  • Allow your lawn to relieve soil compaction
  • Allow water and fertilizer into the soil
  • Allow the roots to grow deeper into the soil
  • Give the roots room to expand

Whatcom Lawns’ team of professionals is fully trained to expertly aerate your lawn neatly and efficiently. Specifically, aeration helps your lawn in the following ways:

  • Increases air exchange between soil and air
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Enhances thatch decomposition
  • Encourages deeper, healthier root growth
  • Conserves water by increasing soil intake
  • Boosts nutrient intake
  • Makes turf more tolerant of heat and drought
  • Increases soil resiliency and cushion
  • Reduces water puddles and runoff

Whatcom Lawns can give you a healthier and greener lawn by utilizing the process of aeration. Soil compaction will not break up with one session of aeration but will most likely need to be completed one to two times annually, depending on the severity of soil compaction. However, the benefits will definitely show as you continue to ensure that your lawn is healthy by regularly aerating it.

Lawn Moss control

Moss is very invasive in the Pacific Northwest!  It can grow in lawns and even on other hard surfaces. Whereas weeds thrive in sunlit areas of your lawn, moss thrives in shady areas that aren’t in direct sunlight. Moss can flourish for many reasons including:

  • Poor lawn drainage
  • Soil compaction
  • Poor ground fertility
  • Improper mowing practices
  • Too heavily shaded

Call today to schedule a lawn consultation.  We can recommend a custom-made course of action fixing the issues causing moss in the lawn including but not limited to:

  • Consistent mowing and height of cut
  • Lawn aeration on a bi-annual or annual basis
  • Tree thinning for better light and air flow
  • A consistent fertilization and weed control program
  • Liming
  • Iron application (for a moss die back)
  • Thatching
  • Slicer seeding

Lawn Fertilization and Weed control

Whatcom Lawns has developed a program to ensure your lawn is being consistently fertilized, and well-balanced with weed control.

  • Early Spring Fertilizer and Weed Control
    A complete balance of dry slow-release fertilizer for fast green-up and broad leaf control.
  • Hot Summer Fertilizer and Weed Control
    A complete balance of dry slow-release fertilizer and broad leaf control.
  • Summer Fertilizer and Weed Control
    A complete balance of fertilizer and broad leaf control.
  • Fall Fertilizer & Weed Control
    A complete balance of dry winter-feeding fertilizer that promotes root development, along with broad leaf control.

Lawn Overseeding

Whatcom Lawns offers lawn overseeding solutions for your lawn.  While at times lawn replacement is the preferred option, many times an existing lawn can be overseeded and rejuvenated to look amazing once again!  We highly recommend consistent watering and healthy lawn applications after a overseeding to keep it looking great.

Overseeding usually involves the following steps:

  • Bagger mow the lawn as low as possible
    • Trim and edge the lawn
  • Thatch the lawn
  • Clean up, haul away and dispose of the thatch
  • Thatch the lawn again in a different direction
  • Clean up, haul away and dispose of the thatch
  • Bagger mow the lawn to remove any left-over debris
  • Apply moss control to the lawn
  • Double aerate the lawn to expose extra soil for the slicer seeder
  • Apply starter fertilizer
  • Slicer seed the lawn in two directions
    • This will bury the seed in the soil
  • Clean up, haul away and dispose of the moss and thatch resulting from the slicer seeding

Depending on the situation, we may not need to thatch.

Grub Control

Whatcom Lawns offers grub control for your lawn. We suggest this treatment twice a year; early Spring to discourage grub larvae and early Fall to discourage crane fly activity. We suggest this to our clients who are experiencing mole and other grub problems.  Over time, our clients have discovered this to be an effective means of mole control.

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