Pavement Pressure Washing can be a tricky job.  Too much pressure, and too much of the top layer of concrete or pavement protection is taken off.  Not enough pressure, and the job is not complete.  Whatcom Lawns has the right tools, pressure washing equipment, and experience to get it just right! A regular routine of pressure washing will eliminate many eyesores from your sidewalk, pavers, or driveway, and get it back to the original look. Things like stains from bird droppings, gum on sidewalks, and moss build-up can all be removed by pressure washing regularly. We can take care of it for you! Here are some of the benefits that you will receive upon hiring us:

  • Removal of annoying stains on sidewalks, pavers or driveways
  • No buildup of moss or mildew on sidewalks, pavers or driveways
  • Elimination of stains caused by bird droppings
  • Decrease in accidents and slips caused by slippery moss on sidewalks, pavers and driveways
  • A more attractive property

Whatcom Lawns can help you rid yourself of these problems! At an affordable price, we have provided the city of Bellingham, along with other parts of Whatcom County, with superior landscaping services for nearly two decades – and we will do the same for you!

Whatcom Lawns – Superior Landscaping Services

Whatcom Lawns has been serving the landscaping needs of residents in Bellingham, and other parts of Whatcom County, for almost two decades. We have provided superior landscaping services at an affordable price, causing your customers to continue to stay with us throughout the years. Our team is fully insured and trained in safety procedures, and their excellent skills are the result of decades of experience in this industry. Our customers in Bellingham, and those in Whatcom County, enthusiastically recommend us to their friends and family because of our great service and passion for perfect work! Contact us today at our Bellingham office to learn why the residents of Bellingham and Whatcom County have chosen us for nearly two decades!