Tree pruning is a great way to improve your yard and offers many benefits to you. Whatcom Lawns is skilled in tree care and will properly prune your tree.  Utilizing the appropriate tools, skill, and safe work practices, Whatcom Lawns will let you enjoy the many benefits of proper tree pruning:

  • Improve tree health by removing dead or infected branches
  • Reduce the chances of structural problems as the tree ages
  • Decrease the risk of safety hazards and injuries
  • Lessen the weight upon the center trunk, increasing the stability of the tree
  • Improve the look and eye appeal of your yard

Whatcom Lawns uses the following steps to prune deciduous ornamental trees:

  • Remove the dead wood from the trees
  • Thin out the trees
    • Remove branches that rub other branches
    • Thin out parallel branches
  • Shape the trees as necessary for good aesthetics
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From our management team to our lawn and landscape maintenance crews, you will be provided with professional services from our experienced staff. Our lawn and landscape maintenance crews are fully insured and share Whatcom Lawns’ passion for helping homeowners rediscover quality, exceptional customer service, and the beauty of a well-maintained yard once again!

From the equipment we use, irrigation parts to keep your system up and running, and the perfect seed blend for your lawn, we pride ourselves in using the most up to date products on the market. We have researched and chosen the best products for our area and its climate and have happy clients all over Bellingham and Whatcom county.

From your initial estimate meeting to the moment your lawn or landscaping job is completed, we ensure that the process will run smoothly, and the job will meet your expectations. We have offered superior lawn and landscaping services to Bellingham and the rest of Whatcom County for nearly twenty years.